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Message par Liar le Jeu 20 Oct - 5:22

Hello Eden Team and other visitors Very Happy
This is my entry for a tourney . Wanted to have a bit fun from editing and so I did !
Without further boring things , I hope you enjoy this little edit that i rushed in 3 days

The boring info that I put into the description:
Dat moment when you like the outro more than the whole AMV lol.
Ashran Tourney R1.
Since it's a brawling and a warm up round I wanted to have fun so I did. On the action I didn't fucked around tho. ( just one Smile))) ).
I don't know what to say anymore... I just hope that the judges wont get mad or angry at me cuz of this shit hehe.
[Sword Art Online] MA is on F Giphy
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