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Message par SpeedQueenGK Dim 14 Avr - 23:02

NCS AMV CONTEST 2019 Ncsfor11  
Credit: Kyoroichi

Welcome to NCS AMV CONTEST – Summer 2019! The NCS AMV contest is back once again and we are hoping to see you there! The contest will be streamed so make sure to tell your friends to both watch and vote for the best amv! Everyone will
be able to participate and compete against each other to win awesome prizes and glory. Be sure to read the rules before you enter the contest!


• You have to be the creator of the AMV!
• One AMV / editor OR group. You can’t enter with a mep AND a solo amv.
• Your AMV have to be between 1,5 to 4 minutes long. Not more, not less. #LessIsMore
• The majority of your AMV must contain japanese anime or animated film, or fitting sequences from tv/pc games.
• Your video cannot contain 18+ material such as porn and violence! Bloody action scenes and echi are of course accepted content to use, but think about how you use it!
• Your AMV should not have been released before the convention takes place! It has to be exclusive.
• AMV,GMV,MMV, MEP and Collabs are allowed. #everybody, get in here!
• The quality of your video and sound is important since your amv will be on a big screen in front of a big audience! We recommend that you use at least: 480p, 720p or 1080p. This is not a must, but the judges love good quality.
• Max filesize is 500mb!  
• Allowed codecs and source format:
-  Video codec: x264, Xvid, vidx
-  Audio: minimum - 44,100hz, 128kbps. We recommend: 48,000hz, 320 kbps.
-  Format: mp4, mkv, wmv, mov
• Your video cannot contain any fanmade subtitles or original credits from the source you’re using! (for example: visible kanji in an anime opening will not be accepted). It’s the same with tv logos. This cannot be visible in your amv.


• This year prizes will be given to first, second and third place in overalI rank, and of course we also have a prize for the audience choice!
• Your video will be able to participate in a special category. The categories are:
The categories are:

-  Drama/romance
-  Horror/psyche
-  Fun
-  Dance/Upbeat
-  Action/sport

This means that you will get a placement in both your category and in the overall rank.

• The judges will deside on 15 amvs that will be presented at NärCon's Main stage this summer! You will be contacted before the final about this.
• Every amv sent to the contest will be ranked by the judges! So even if you don’t make it to the final you will still receive an overall and category rank.
• The contest will be hosted on NärCon's Main stage, July 25, at 17.30 GMT+2.
• The final will also be streamed after the contest on July, 25, at 21.00 GMT+2
• The Prize ceremony will be held during the last day of NärCon summer 2019. More info will be released later.
• The prize ceremony will also be streamed on July, 30,  at 20.00 GMT+2, at the same channel as the finale stream.
• You will be able to vote on your favorite amv with the Närcon App! You can find it at the google playstore or
• After the prize ceremony winners will be contacted on email and ranklists will be released on our homepage! @ www.ncscontest.com  


1st PLACE: 500 kr Giftcard
2nd PLACE: 200 kr Giftcard
3rd PLACE: 150 kr Giftcard
Audience Choice: 150 kr Giftcard


• Upload your amv and send your dl to: ncscontest@gmail.com before July, 5, 23.59 GMT+2.

• This is the following information we need from you:  
- Your editor name/names.  
- Your email address.  
- Sources used in the amv
- Which category you wanna compete in.  
- DL to your video/amv.
- If you’re sending a MEP please select one member for us to contact.
• Please name your file: category_editorname_amvname. If you don’t know category, just leave it blank and the judges will place your video in a category
• Video sent after the deadline will not get accepted. Videos that don’t follow the rules will also not get accepted. So before you send your amv please make sure you follow the rules
• Next step for you is to add the NCS discord server



If you have any questions pls don’t hesitate to
send it to: ncscontest@gmail.com. You can also join our NCS discord chatt and ask your (#)questions.

Follow us on twitter for updates: @ncsamvcontest

Homepage where you will be able to find more information: www.ncscontest.com
New Soul
New Soul

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Message par Gearz Dim 21 Avr - 11:49

Good luck all RUN POKEMON

NCS AMV CONTEST 2019 1453564118-1451969377-sign-gearzouille

NCS AMV CONTEST 2019 1428168705-sign-eden-2015-no-anime
Eden Team
Eden Team

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