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AnotherAMVContest Empty AnotherAMVContest

Message par Sonicfreak Dim 17 Sep - 23:47

AnotherAMVContest NXEdh89
Hey and welcome to the first ever "AnotherAMVContest", in this contest we try to get the best out of the community and give back to it in the form of prizes.

Deadline: October 28th

. No collabs or MEPs
. Video is exclusive for this contest
. The video can't be shorter than 2 minutes
. Only AMVs and MMVs are allowed
. Except for hentai anything can be used
. Video has to be of decent quality without subtitles or logos (adding them yourself is fine)
. When uploaded to a video sharing site, the description or title has to state it's made for this contest
. You are allowed to upload the video before the competition ends

AnotherAMVContest Photo AnotherAMVContest RUr1PUk AnotherAMVContest Photo

1st Place:  €300
2nd Place: €200
3rd Place:  €100

Send your entry to: AnotherAMVContest@gmail.com with the following information:
-Your Editor Alias
-Channel Link
-Footage Used
-Audio Used
-Video Title
-Download Link

Further questions can be send to any of the judges through private messaging on Discord or Youtube
New Soul
New Soul

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AnotherAMVContest Empty Re: AnotherAMVContest

Message par Cmoididi Mar 19 Sep - 10:44

Nice cash price sKO i'm not hype for any contest for the moment (and i forgot how to do amv haha) but gl with this contest.

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Je comprends pas ?
Je comprends pas ?

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