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Message par Liar Ven 26 Aoû - 11:38

I don't have the slightest idea where I should share this... pikablondemode
Yo to everybody. I'm here to share things around again Very Happy
Black-huu desert-ooooh online-uuh are giving a 7days key to test it out. The game is pay to play (just once,like a single player game Very Happy).
The game graphics are incredible (like when the game was in beta I wasted 3 hours on a castle watching the background ),you can climb things up almost like in assassins creed :O and the character customization is mind blowing! :O . Like literally you can put your face in the game if you want to haha.
Without further talking... here is the site.


I'm playing the game and I would recommend it to any MMO lover <3
If you need any help... well ,I'll gladly help ya Very Happy
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