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Hello!! Empty Hello!!

Message par Shiroken--- le Mer 3 Aoû - 10:18

Not sure if I'm doing this right haha sorry i cant read french so im just following what another person did

Name: Dylan
Sex: Male
Software: Vegas , AE, Photoshop
Interests: anything art related tbh
fave manga chara: Uh idk
fave quote: real eyes realize real lies
how did u find the forum: through the stylize ic promo i wanna join
how to find u: dont
comment more: uh


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Hello!! Empty Re: Hello!!

Message par Cmoididi le Ven 5 Aoû - 15:40

you're doing this right gg héhé Welcome here gl with the ic

Hello!! 1430774745-gif-sign-eden

Je comprends pas ?
Je comprends pas ?

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