[Kyoroichi] Smeared [JE 2015 - CDC]

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[Kyoroichi] Smeared [JE 2015 - CDC]

Message par Kyoroichi le Dim 5 Juil - 14:28

Here is my cdc AMV for JE, uhm I can't really say much on it but I liked the outcome despite not being a finalist but its ok! anyway hope you enjoy, feel free to critique and help me ^^ Also there is no stream because of copyright so only download Smile



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Re: [Kyoroichi] Smeared [JE 2015 - CDC]

Message par Cmoididi le Mar 7 Juil - 17:58

yo, you did it quickly ? This amv have a great feeling (music and fma fit realy good). But you made lot of litle mistake.

exemple :
27sec : pupet animation...not realy good or can be better, you see what i mean by "litle mistake"? it's more like i say "that can be better"
29sec : again the mother XD The particule are not prety i think...
1.14sec OMG ghost frame that not possible !! this kind of problem are banished from the amv game please XD
lot of mistake like that.

And some time the sync was not perfect.
overall it's not bad but you can do better

Je comprends pas ?
Je comprends pas ?

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